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CUCCIO T3 Led/Uv - Platinum 1 oz

Saturday, February 24, 20181:53 PM(View: 8619)
CUCCIO T3 Led/Uv - Platinum 1 oz
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CUCCIO T3 Led/Uv - Platinum 1 oz

Takes your LED/UV gel services from subtle to SASSY in 60 seconds!

Available in 18 glittering shades, Cuccio Pro T3 LED/UV Cool Cure Versatility Self Levelling Sparkle Gels creates strong overlays and sculpted nails without odor or reaction to heat. Plus, the glitter dust won’t settle to the bottom, so mixing isn’t necessary. These gels are super glossy, odour free and create the same strength as acrylic but with more flexibility.

  • T3 Gel consists of tiny microscopic fibres that give the gel a unique strength
  • Formulated to give that perfect finish to the nail making
  • A system that gives you a perfect balance of strength and flexibility
  • Gives the best workability, gel takes hold and will stay where you have placed it and not run into the side walls
  • Holds it's shape and gives long-lasting, professional results
  • A gel-effect system that will remain perfect, until removed
  • No heat reaction, odor-free and non-yellowing
  • Extra strength for sculpting and overlaps
  • Great alternative to acrylics
  • No mixing required - ready-to-use!
  • Professional use only

How to: Apply a thick coat of T3 LED/UV gel over entire nail. Cure time in 60 seconds with an LED lamp or 2 minutes with a UV lamp. Wipe with finishing wipe after curing, to remove that sticky layer.

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