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BCL Mandarin + Mango Massage Cream 128oz

Tuesday, April 19, 20167:53 PM(View: 525)
BCL Mandarin + Mango Massage Cream 128oz
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BCL 4 STEP SYSTEM - Mandarin + Mango Massage Cream 128oz

Perfect for: Age-Defying

Perfect as a hydrator or massage medium, this cream leaves skin deeply moisturized and radiant.  Formulated with certified organic ingredients such as Argan Oil from Morocco, Olive Oil, Kelp Extract and Lemon Fruit Extract, BCL SPA® massage cream is loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins for healthy skin. Use as the final step in one of our signature organic treatments or alone as a skin hydrator for hands, feet and body. *Step 4 of our 4-Step System.

Mandarin Orange extracts act as a natural antiseptic that refines the skin and promotes skin cell turnover, revealing brighter, younger-looking skin.  Mango’s antioxidant properties help nourish and protect the skin.

Available in 3oz, 16oz, 64oz sizes.

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